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7/.064″ (16 mm²) 2 Core Aluminium/Std

Rs.6,993 Rs.9,990

This cable is often used in domestic wiring jobs and it is meant to be used in many different ways. The wire is often used in cable trays and it can also be used on surfaces. The cable can handle temperature extremes and it can go from very cold to very hot temperatures with ease. The wire can easily bend and flex and it can handle lots of movement which makes it ideal for use in a variety of different situations.


Weight 24 kg
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90 meters, 45 meters

No. of wires


Strand Diameter

.064 Inch

Conductor Type


Insulation Type

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)


BSS_2004 equivalent 16sqmm to BSS-6004

Temperature Rating

-20C˚ to 70C˚

Dc Resistance

1.91 ohm/km

Voltage Rating


Ampere Rating

45 Amps

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