1/.044" Single Core Solid Earthing Cable

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Why is it important to have Earthing?

The connection between electrical appliances and devices with the earth plate or electrode through a thick wire of low resistance to provide safety is known as ‘Earthing’ or Grounding.

Earthing System or Grounding System in an electrical network work as a safety measure to protect human life as well as equipment, the main objective of the Earthing system is to provide an alternative path for dangerous currents to flow so that accidents due to electric shock and damage to the equipment can be avoided

1/.044 Single Core Solid Earthing Cable

Why should you have an Earthing System?
This question generally arises when you have all the right equipment, wires, sockets and well maintained electrical devices. Yet, why is there a need for an Earthing system?

The answer is very simple…

Earthing system makes the equipment electrically shock free and gives you a safe place to stay.

Here are some advantages of the Earthing system:

1. Safety for Human Life, Electrical Devices and Buildings
It saves the human life from the danger of electrical shock which can cause death, by blowing a fuse. It protects your electric equipment or devices.
It provides a safe path for lighting and short circuit currents and saves the building from structural damage.

2. Voltage Stabilization
Electricity comes from many sources, every transformer can be considered as a separate source. If there is no point which will act as a common point, then it is impossible to make a calculation between these sources.
In an electrical distribution system, Earth is the omnipresent conductive surface, which makes it a universal standard for all-electric systems.

3. Over Voltage Protection
Earthing System provides an alternative path in the electrical system to minimize the dangerous effect in the electrical system which happens at the time of lighting and unintentional contact with high voltage lines.
Now that you have got an idea of the Earthing system, it is time to know how to set up an Earthing or Grounding system at your home, office or shop.


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90 meters

No. of Strands


Cross Sectional Area

.044 Inch

Conductor Type


Insulation Type

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)


BSS-2004 Equivalent 1mm² BSS-6004 in Pakistan

Temperature Rating

-20C˚ to 70C˚

Colors Available


Voltage Rating


Ampere Rating

7 Amps


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